The Peyton Network was developed to address the diverse mental health needs of the communities we serve.  

The Peyton Network Leaders bring more than 60 years of skill, knowledge and experience in the inpatient and outpatient Mental Health fields to agencies and businesses that address a diverse array of needs.  We offer a mix of specialty mental wellness programs, clinical consulting, in-depth assessments, and training programs for public and private businesses to include:

  • Partnerships  with local law firms to offer emotional support and preparation  to individuals who are involved in litigation.   

  • Consultation and assistance in the  design, implementation or re-design of inpatient and outpatient Mental Health programs.

  • Training programs that prepare workforces to meet the needs of and be sensitive to those living with Mental Illness. 

  • Agency Preparation and planning for Accreditation.  

  • Indepth mental and social child and family assessments for dependency and non-dependency involved families.

  • Provide individual, family and group counseling.

Our clinical team are experts in the treatment of a variety of mental and emotional needs. Working with individuals and families in all stages of life, we are committed to an approach that is individualized and ensures that each person reaches their optimal mental and emotional fitness. 


Promoting health through mental and emotional fitness