Comprehensive Behavioral Health Assessments


Licensed staff from The Peyton Network (TPN) work with Family Law practitioners, financial planners, and other professionals to ensure that clients are emotionally and mentally prepared for the process and are able to concisely and accurately share essential information with the professional at the initial consultation and throughout the legal process.  Because any legal process is a very emotional and trying time, each client receives individual attention, a safe and confidential environment in which to ‘tell their story’, and mental preparation for each phase of the process.  Written summaries are presented at key points to both the client and the attorney or legal professional, if requested. TPN staff can be available to attend meetings with the attorney or legal professional and the client, at the request of either party.  Participation in this process ensures that the emotional and psychological needs of the client are met in a safe and therapeutic environment and allows time with the legal professional to be more focused on the legal process.



The team at The Peyton Network has a wide array of experience in licensing, clinical programming, audit preparation, policy and procedure development and accreditation. Drawing on our vast array of experiences, we are able to design training programs and provide consultation that is specific to the needs of the clients we are serving.  We are happy to meet with you to discuss your specific needs and design trainings that will best work for you.  

Mental Health Consultation for Legal Matters


Our Services

Children who enter into a licensed emergency shelter are required to receive an in-depth and detailed assessment of the child's emotional, social, behavioral, and developmental functioning at the time of removal. The Comprehensive Behavioral Health Assessment, CBHA, provides assistance in placement and in the development of the dependency  case plan. The Peyton Network offers  Licensed and State Registered Intern staff to complete the assessments throughout the State of Florida.  The Peyton Network will provide continuous follow up with the Lead agency for continuous feedback and to maintain a strong relationship between agencies.